About Mareth

A long-timMareth Griffithe resident of Seward, Alaska, Mareth is a writer and a wilderness guide. She spends summers leading adventurous souls on epic quests to seek out glaciers, bears, and whales in the wilds of Alaska, and winters writing fantastical adventures that generally take place in warmer and more populated climes. Originally from West Virginia, Mareth attended Smith College in Massachusetts,and the University of Glasgow, Scotland, studying music and theatre. She travels frequently, having lived and worked in New Zealand, Mexico, and Northern Ireland – where her nearest neighbors included two thousand puffins and the ghost of a spectral black horse. She is a licensed boat captain, and a sea kayak guide.

Mareth was raised on fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure novels, her tastes ranging from Jules Verne and H. Rider Haggard to Barbara Hambly and CJ Cherryh. The Year King, a contemporary fantasy blending modern-day fairies, centuries-old terrors, and recently-unemployed telemarketers, is her first novel. It was originally published as Court of Twilight through Parvus Press.

Mareth usually works as a guide in Seward, Alaska through Adventure 60 North, and in Southeast Alaska and Baja Mexico through UnCruise Adventures.   Because, you know, 2020, Mareth is currently living on land for an extended period of time, and working at a boat-adjecent office job in Alaska.

To contact Mareth, use this link, or find her on Twitter at @Magpiemareth.