A stand-alone dark fantasy featuring caves, chemistry and blood magic.

Deserting his regiment in the aftermath of an injury, Torrent is just trying to get home to his fiancée without being robbed or arrested. Reporting the illegal saltpeter mine he finds on his return might be valuable enough for the army to overlook his truancy, perhaps even grant him a pension. If he’s willing to betray Molly to make that report.

For Molly, chemistry has always been more useful than magic, especially now that supplying the opposing side with gunpowder is the only thing keeping her from being ousted from her own farm. After two years apart, Molly knows it’s foolish to trust Torrent with either the mine or her heart. Unfortunately, Torrent’s not the only one interested in Coriander Hollow.

 Between Torrent’s desertion and her own illegal mine, Molly has to decide whose secrets she’s willing to protect and how far she’s willing to go to protect them. And Molly hadn’t counted on Coriander Hollow having secrets of its own…

Available for preorder on Amazon and elsewhere. Releasing Oct 14, 2021.

The Year King Ebook low res A contemporary fantasy featuring modern fairies, ancient evils, and recently-unemployed telemarketers.

A 19-year-old Dubliner working a dead-end office job, Ivy Gallagher has finally moved out of her terrible apartment and into a posh neighborhood out of town. The rent’s cheap, the location’s beautiful, and her new flatmate, Demi, is only moderately weird. So what if the house is packed with exotic plants or she can’t even touch Demi’s cookware?

But after two strangers visit the house, Demi vanishes, leaving Ivy with a lengthy folder of plant-care instructions and the suspicion that her flatmate is in serious trouble. Turns out, Demi’s not only a weird roommate—she’s also a runaway fairy king, in a society where the kingship is little more than a death sentence. Only one previous king has ever survived longer than a year. Ivy would love to ask him how he did it. Trouble is, he’s been missing for decades.

It’s up to Ivy to find both vanished kings, as she enters a hidden Dublin both magical and murderous, one that may have deep connections to Ivy’s own family. Can she save Demi without losing herself?

“Equal parts amusing and unnerving, this is urban fantasy with a sci-fi kick, perfect for readers who are ready for a taste of something beyond angels, demons and shadow hunters.” Books by Smithies blog

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Available to purchase on Amazon in paperback and e-book.

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