Insider and Outsider Viewpoints – Mythic Scribes

“In crafting a protagonist, one major factor to consider is the main character’s relationship to the story’s setting – whether the protagonist is an insider or an outsider. A protagonist’s connection to the culture or world in which the story takes place sets up key assumptions that help determine the story’s arc, as well as the nature of the main conflict.”

Time Management for Writers – SFF World

“Writing to a word count also, conversely, gives me permission to stop writing when I hit that number. And for people taking on any large project – whether that’s a novel, exercise regimen, a diet, or starting a business – I think knowing what time not to devote to your giant important time-sucking endeavor is just as important as any other aspect of your schedule.”

Remaining Engaged in the Stories You Want To Tell – NaNoWriMo Blog

“While the landscape of the story may be made strange and unfamiliar by the passage of weeks or months away from it, the process of enlarging that world by stringing words together on a page remains a familiar one.”