Book 2 of the Year King

Since discovering her former flatmate Demi is a runaway fairy king, Ivy’s gotten used to having friends who aren’t visible to normal people. She’s working a usual job, living in a normal flat, and trying to keep her life as weirdness-free as possible. Mostly, that means trying not to think about the Enemy, its upcoming visit, or the fact that Demi has less than a year to live. When a woman dressed like the Enemy shows up in Ivy’s flat seven months early, Ivy sees a chance to finally put an end to the Enemy’s deadly appearances—until the woman herself burns to death in the street.

A three-hundred-year-old serial killer is changing its tactics, and strangers are showing up in Dublin looking for the source of a world-altering catastrophe that’s somehow connected to Ivy—and to the Enemy itself. As Ivy investigates the origins of past murders and future disasters, it’s becoming clear that the Enemy’s next target might be Ivy herself.

Available Feb 1, 2023 in paperback and e-book.

Available for preorder now on Amazon.

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